Knitting Fonts

Woolly Font
Woolly Font is a knitting font I had commissioned for Twisted Woolly Toppers. Many of the patterns include complex and unusual cable decreases or increases, and no symbols existed to be able to chart them, and so this font was developed. It also includes a number of symbols demonstrating multiple decreases, often used in lace.

This font is now available as a free download. Since it's development a much more comprehensive and thorough font has been developed at Stitch Mastery, and if you're looking for something beyond what I have to offer here, then you may wish to try that one.

 Download the Woolly Knitting Font!
(142kb = woollyfont.ttf + woollyfontguide.pdf )


The Small Print
Please refer to the instructions that accompany your Operating System in terms of how to install new fonts. This font is a .ttf and will work on all platforms (I myself run Ubuntu (Linux) and the font works perfectly)

Please feel free to use this for your charting purposes – whether it be for private or commercial use. Credit is appreciated but not necessary.

However, please do not share or distribute this font or it's associated files – please be respectful of copyright and link back to this page.

The font was developed from symbols I drew by the knowledgeable Kristle Chester This means that this is a product I have paid for, and am now offering it to you for free. It may not be perfect, and there may be suggestions for improvements, but I'm afraid there will be no further amendments to this font or file, and neither am I or the developer able to offer support for it's installation, usage, or otherwise. 

Should you prefer a more thorough and comprehensive font, then I suggest you look into Stitch Mastery, which I wholly recommend. I have no affiliation to this font or it's owner & developer; I'm simply a very satisfied customer.

If you're looking for help with how to use this knitting font when drafting charts, then I suggest you try the very helpful Excel tutorials by Marnie Maclean (which also apply to Open Office Calc, too)