Knit & Crochet techniques

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You are welcome to download and use these tutorials. If you wish to recommend them to a friend or use them in a pattern I ask that you link to this page - please do not link directly to the PDFs. Likwise, please do not distribute them in anyway - please link to this page.

All tutorials are provided in PDF format for ease of use: if you are unfamiliar with PDFs, please visit the FAQ page.

NEW! Purled I-cord Bind-off
Written to support my Asymloche pattern, this tutorial will guide you through working a purled I-cord bind-off, which can be used in a number of different ways to schieve different effects.

NEW! Purled I-cord 3-needle Bind-off
This tutorial guides you through creating a purled I-cord bind-off 3-needle bind-off combo! While it sounds fiddly, it's really rather easy to execute and creates a very effective finish.

NEW! Traverse Applied Purled I-cord
Written to support my Asymloche pattern, this tutorial will guide you through working purled applied I-cords across a piece of fabric.

Rainbow Ball tutorial
Written to go with the Rainbowret pattern, this tutorial outlines a practical way of achieving a rainbow yarn effect with your oddments of wool yarns. The method can easily be applied to other small knitting projects or other colour combinations, too!

Short Rows, w&t method
Short rows are a fantastic way to add shaping to a piece of knitting in different directions. They are used frequently in my sideways knit Hats for the crown shaping, and this tutorial demonstrates my preferred method.

How to make an I-Cord
This tutorial demonstrates how to make a handy I-Cord, which are often used in Woolly Wormhead patterns. Once you've got the hang of them, you'll discover that they're rather clever and have many, many uses.

Spit Splicing
Wool yarns are easily joined with this no fuss method - no more ends to sew in, and perfect for joining together all your oddments for a Scrappy Flapper or Spiral crochet freeform Hat! (tutorial for Spiral Hats is listed below)

Joining parallel live stitches
This tutorial demonstrates how to join two sets of parallel live stitches, and transform them into one set of stitches. Ideal for folded brims and other situations where two pieces of knitting come together.

Creating yarnovers - YF & YB
This tutorial demonstrates how to create yarnovers between knit and purl stitches, and vice versa, and explains the meanings behind British terminology. Originally published in Yarn Forward magazine, issue 23.

Cables & twists without a cable needle
Written with the Elsica beret, Traversa and Vlora in mind, this tutorial demonstrates how to perform a twist stitch without a cable needle. The technique can also be used for cables too. Originally published in Yarn Forward magazine, issue 20.

Crochet Spiral Play
This tutorial was written after the popularity of my Spirals Hats. An outline of the technique, including tips and tricks is given, and has so far encouraged many crafters to get more creative with their crochet! 

Spiral Play

3D Grafting with a Hook
This tutorial demonstrates how a crochet hook can be used to pick up stitches for 3D grafting. Perfect for freeform knitters and crocheters alike, and before long your work will be going in a different direction! 

3D grafting tutorial
Turn Plastic Bags into Yarn!
This tutorial demonstrates how you can recycle all your old carrier bags into usable yarn for knitting & crocheting! Ideal for bath mats or grocery bags, this is a great way to make a practical item whilst remaining environmentally conscious.

Wool Care
Wool Care
This document contains all the information you need to ensure you handmade wool item will stay as good as new.  From washing through to drying, these tips will help you avoid damage and prolong the life of your woollen garment.
Wool Care