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Dyeing & Spinning Tutorials

You are welcome to download and use these tutorials. If you wish to recommend them to a friend I ask that you link to this page - please do not link directly to the PDFs. Likwise, please do not distribute them in anyway - please link to this page.

All tutorials are provided in PDF format for ease of use: if you are unfamiliar with PDFs, please visit the FAQ page.

Oven Dyeing
This tutorial demonstrates how you can use your oven SAFELY to dye small quantities of fibre or yarn. Ideal for those with small kitchens or those wishing to be more economical when dyeing wool. Acid dyes recommended.

Oven Dyeing
The Spinning Drill
This tutorial demonstrates how to make and use a spinning device from a regular hand drill! Perfect for those wishing to try out spinning before buying an expensive wheel, or for those who just love trying something different. 

3D grafting tutorial
Variegated Dyeing in a Microwave
This document outlines how you can dye wool yarn (and fibre) in a microwave using acid dyes. Perfect for quick dyeing sessions or unique skeins, this method is fast, and ideal for the beginner dyeing their first skeins.

Wool Care
Wool Care
This document contains all the information you need to ensure you handmade wool item will stay as good as new.  From washing through to drying, these tips will help you avoid damage and prolong the life of your woollen garment.

Wool Care