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Archived posts from December 2006 to December 2008 are missing their photos. Key posts will be updated as soon as I have time!

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Hello November!

The Mystery KAL is now well under way and we have nearly 1000 participants! That's both an astounding and terrifying number - we've never had so many Hat-a-long together. The 2nd instalment is due out this friday and already there are many photos in the Spoiler thread showing how it looks so far. It certainly looks like everyone's enjoying themselves, and that's the most important thing. Well, that and getting a lovely new Hat!


I promised I'd let everyone know how well the fundraiser went at the beginning of November. I'm a few days behind, thanks to illness and playing catch up after the tour, but I can now tell you how much you've helped us raise - and it's pretty damn good.

The following number of patterns sold:

Tangled River x 204       Lenina x 97        Retro Beanie x 32

...which gives us a total (less PayPal fees) of £907.37 raised through pattern sales alone. 

The donations received (which includes the sales of kits through those very generous indie yarnies) amounts to £467, which gives us a grand total raised throughout October of £1374.37. Converted into Euros, which is the currency needed to pay the lawyer, the total stands at €1676.

I did say it was pretty damn good, didn't I?

I honestly cannot thank everyone enough for their support and generosity. I'd like to tell you at this point that there's great news to share, but this is a situation that can't be fixed within a few weeks, and there is still got some way to go. It's likely it might get worse before it gets better, if it gets better, yet everyone is trying to maintain a fighting and positive spirit, which is pretty tough to do when you don't know what's happening from one day to the next.

It's maddening to know that one person's prejudice against others, and their lifestyle, can cause so many to come close to losing their homes. I will keep you posted as to how the situation progresses when and where I can.

These 3 patterns will now go into wholesale distribution, but I will continue to donate the proceeds from the digital sales this side of Xmas.


November is always, always my busiest month, with October following in a very close 2nd place. There's barely enough time to keep on top of my emails let alone find space in my head for new designs or other admin. By the end of this period, as Xmas draws near, there's virtually no energy left to celebrate the festive season. To help keep my sanity (seeing as it was a little on the short side before the site problems and the season of madness came along) I'm partaking in a little novelty knitting.



This is actually a new design, but one that was written many, many months ago, and one that has already been test knitted and tech edited and is all ready to go, with the exception of some decent photos. And I figured I'd knit another sample in some festive colours because, well, I could. I wouldn't normally knit with white and I must say, I'm not liking it muchly, but I think it'll all work out alright in the end.

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Reader Comments (1)

What an amazing total. Yay for knitters!
Loving the KAL - many thanks for organising it again this year, especially with everything else you've had to contend with.

November 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGlynis

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